How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back After Cheating

men women cheatingWho cheats more?

Cheating happens. It’s never pretty and more often than not it leaves relationships in ruins with both parties badly hurt. If you’ve lost your boyfriend or girlfriend to an affair, and you want them back, there are a couple of things that you should know. First we’re going to talk about who cheats more between the sexes and what their motivation is. Then we’ll get down to the business of helping you win your ex back and show you how to recover from cheating.

Who Cheats More?

Is it men or women? Why do people cheat in the first place? Are there different types of cheating? Let’s explore the answers to these burning questions about why people have affairs.

Men cheat because of unmet needs.

Guys who cheat are usually looking for physical satisfaction to meet needs that currently aren’t being satisfied in their relationship. Whether they’re going through a sexual dry spell with their partner or the sex isn’t fulfilling enough, one of the main reasons why guys cheat is because they’re looking for the satisfaction that they’re not getting from their partner.

Men cheat because of physical attraction.

Some men simply can’t help themselves when they see a beautiful local woman. If she’s really irresistible then there are plenty of men who would put their relationship on the line for a chance to be with another woman who they’re strongly attracted to. Even though physical attraction is fleeting, it’s powerful enough to lead men across the world to cheat on their partners.

Women cheat for companionship.

Women commonly cheat when they’re feeling bored, lonely, or unappreciated in their relationship. If they don’t feel that they’re getting the emotional support and fulfillment that they want from their boyfriend it’s not uncommon for them to look for it elsewhere. Women’s emotional needs are a critical component of a relationship, so women make it a priority to see that they’re being met, often at a high stakes cost.

Women cheat for revenge.

Watch out for a woman who has been burned by her man. Ladies around the world know how important a physical relationship is to a man, and if they are seeking revenge they’ll often go straight for where it will hurt him the most – by cheating with another man. Women who have been hurt by their boyfriend often turn to cheating as a quick-fix method of revenge designed to hurt him as much as he’s hurt her.

How To Win Your Ex Back

So many relationships all over the world end too soon, all because of an affair. If you feel like your relationship isn’t ready to be over for good you are probably wishing you could get your ex boyfriend or girlfriend back and make up for your past cheating. If you’re willing to admit your mistakes and do whatever it takes to make it up to them then you might just stand a chance at getting your ex back. Here are the top ways to win your ex back after cheating:

Tell them why they’re important.

If you cheated on your ex it’s pretty much guaranteed that they feel unloved and unappreciated. The first thing you need to do is to let them know how much they mean to you. Don’t hold anything back here, just simply tell them all of the reasons why you can’t imagine your life without them and let them know in specific detail all of the things that they do that you truly love. They need to hear directly from you all of the ways that you value them and why they mean so much to you.

Let them know why it was wrong.

Note that this doesn’t say to let them know why you did it – they aren’t interested in a list of excuses for why you cheated, which anyone can make without really being sorry. The difference is that you need to tell them that you know all of the reasons why cheating was wrong, so they know that you truly understand your wrong doings, and that you know that what you did was the worst possible betrayal of their trust.

Show them what you’re going to do about it.

So you messed up and you feel badly about it – now what? The final step in beginning to make up for an affair is to explain all of the ways you’re going to change and improve your ways. Get input from your ex on the way they’d like to see things done differently if you were to get back together. If you can make a good enough case for yourself for and for how much you love them then you might just stand a chance in being able to get back together with your ex after a cheating scandal in your relationship.

Avoid Scams And Get The Best Replies To Your Live Cam Emails

live cam emailsHow to guarantee great replies

Nothing is worse than sending emails to people from live cam sites only to have an empty inbox with no replies. It might be that they think you’re part of scams, are a spambot, or maybe your email skills just aren’t that great. Help is here with some advice on crafting the perfect emails to guarantee more replies. Here are 8 tips for writing the best emails and getting replies every time:

Keep your subject clever.

A great subject line is like a summary of what you’re trying to say, so avoid lame subject lines like “stuff” or “hi”, which don’t tell your reader anything about what you want. A subject line like this also doesn’t entice anyone to want to read more and there’s a good chance it will go straight to their spam folder because it sounds too much like a generic scam subject line. Try to be more specific and clever with your subjects. A flirty approach is always a great way to get your top live cam ladies interested in finding out more about what you have to say. Try something like “my place or yours?” or “There’s something I forgot to tell you….” which will pique your recipient’s interest and have them clicking to find out more. The more interested you get someone when reading your messages, the more likely they are to reply.

Start with a compliment.

Flattery will get you everywhere when it comes to great email skills. Any time you’re trying to send a great, flirty email to a woman you met on a live cam site always make sure to open with a compliment. Tell her how gorgeous she looked on your last chat, tell her she’s your favorite person to chat with, or mention how great she makes you feel. Whatever it is, start your message out with a compliment or two to get things started on a positive note that will have her way more into replying.

Make it quirky.

We’re all sick of hearing people say that they like long walks on the beach. Nothing is more boring to read than a generic, cookie-cutter message that will have the reader hitting the “delete” button before they even finish reading. If you’re revealing personal information about yourself then try to mention unique, offbeat, and interesting things about you, rather than talking about where you went to high school or the weather. She’ll be way more interested in getting back to you when you get her interest level up with quirky details about your life or interests.

Master the art of the tease.

Ladies around the world love to receive compliments, but they also go crazy for flirtatious teasing too. There’s a fine line between gently joking around and being insulting, so be cautious on this one, but proceed if you think your flirting skills are up to the challenge. Joke around about something she said in your last live video chat or something funny that you’ve been thinking about her. Keep it light and fun and she’ll love it. If you’re teasing her about something she said or did then she’ll be clamoring to reply to your email to make sure she gets the last word.

Make it sexy.

The whole point of emailing women from live video cam sites is to keep the sexy mood going. Don’t talk about your personal problems, the news, or the weather. She wants to hear things that will get her in the mood and have her craving more screen time with you. Keep your message sexy and suggestive, and stick to sexually charged subject matter. She’ll make replying to your email a top priority when she reads your red-hot messages.

Write like an adult.

Remember that you’re a grown man here, so make sure that you communicate like one. Don’t write in all lower case letters, write in complete sentences, don’t skip punctuation, and please check your spelling before sending. This may sound like a boring lesson in grammar but it’s important to present yourself as a sexy, mature gentleman, not an immature frat boy who can’t type. Typing in all lower-case or without punctuation can make your emails look like scams instead of valid messages, landing them straight in her spam folder. Another important reminder is to please limit your use of emojis. One cleverly placed winking emoji is all that’s needed to get your sexy, flirty tone across to your live cam correspondent, so resist the urge to load your message with silly emoticons.

End with a call to action.

Make sure you close with an invitation for her, giving her something to do or a next step to take. If you just write a note without a clever or appealing closing she’ll simply read it and delete it without replying. Get more replies to your emails by extending a sexy invitation to her, like asking her when you’re going to chat again or telling her it’s her turn to write you a naughty message. Give her a task to do and she’ll definitely want to reply and keep coming back for more.