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2 Tips for Finding the Best Dating Site for You

There’s a Dating Site for Basically Everyone

Most folks begin their search for online internet love on free dating sites like OkCupid or Plenty of Fish, but as their search becomes more serious, they begin taking a look at paid sites like EHarmony or Match that refine the process of searching and matching, and are more targeted to folks looking for “the one” than casual dating or simply meeting new people.

Sites for singles now come in a myriad of varieties. There are sites for young professionals, sites for divorcees, sites for swingers, sites for the disabled, sites for matching cougars with cubs, sites for the BDSM community, sites for older folks looking for love, sites for single parents, sites for gold diggers looking to hook up with millionaires, sites for farmers, sites for female prisoners, sites for people with STDs, sites for ugly people, sites for 420 friendly people, site for girls who want to date guys who are the same age as their father, dating sites for furries, dating sites for libertarians, dating sites for goths, dating sites for people mental illnesses, dating sites for cat people, dating sites for midgets, dating sites for extremely tall people, dating sites for bikers, dating sites for nudists, dating sites for MMO gamers, dating sites for people who want to screw around on their spouses, and finally, dating sites for adults who get off on wearing diapers.

This is the spectrum of glory of the internet age we live in. No matter how fucked up you are, there’s someone else out there just as fucked up as you are. All you need to do is reach out and find them. Now, almost all of the niche sites are going to be paid services, at least for complete access to the site, but the upside is you’re much more likely to meet someone who shares a common set of values, sexual proclivities, or interests on these niche sites than you will on a like OkCupid or Plenty of Fish.

Figure Out If a Paid Site is Worth It or Not

Another thing these sites all have in common is they all serve one of two purposes. They are either for bringing people together who are looking for love or sex. But is it worth paying for a service like this or are you better off sticking with something like OkCupid?

Opinions differ on this. If you’re looking for sex, then you have to be careful, because a number of these sites target horny post-pubescent boys with the lure of easy sex, and then fill their user base with fake profiles or paid site employees to keep them on the hook, paying for the service. For niche sites like dwarf dating, or dwarfs looking for love, which I don’t personally have any experience with, I would imagine if you were willing to relocate for your special someone it would be worth the money you put into it, and the same logic applies to most of these niche dating sites. The fact is their user bases are smaller and more densely populated areas are going to have better access to local singles within your niche. So, depending on where you live, it could be worth, or it might not be, and that entirely depends on whether or not you can relocate.

But the fact remains that the internet is a magical place filled with anything a human being can want, and if you’re of the opinion there’s no one out there for you, then you owe it to yourself, to have a look.