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Why You Should Never Sleep Over At Your Sex Buddy’s Place

Having a friend with benefits might sound like the best situation ever, but it can get ugly fast. When you’re having sex with someone you consider a friend, it is easy to think that there are feelings involved when there aren’t. If you want to continue having a friend with benefits, but don’t want to complicate your scenario, you need to make sure that you aren’t giving off the wrong signals. No matter how late it is, you should never sleep over at your sex buddy’s place. After having sex, make sure to leave as quickly as possible. The last thing you want is to make your sex buddy think you’re sleeping over because you have feelings for them. Having a sleepover is a sure way of complicating things, so sleep at home. If your sex buddy asks you to sleep over, see it as a sign that they’re starting to like you and distance yourself as much as possible.

Why Having Casual Sex Can Get Complicated: Don’t Get To Know Them

Having casual sex sounds amazing, right? That is until it starts to backfire on you, and you’re made out to be the a-hole who broke someone’s heart. Having casual sex should be a fun experience, but you should always make it clear that having casual sex is the only thing you want out of the relationship. When you start having casual sex with someone, you should tell them you’re not looking for any type of relationship. If they look somewhat hesitant or hopeful, don’t waste any time on them. Chances are, they will catch feelings for you and try to trap you into a relationship. Having casual sex is a lot like having friends with benefits, in order to keep it casual, you need to stop yourself from getting to know them. If they don’t know you and vice versa, then there’s nothing to like.

Never Meet Their Friends

When you meet someone off an online dating platform, you need to make your intentions clear. If all you’re looking for is a sex buddy, they need to know what they’re getting themselves into. No matter how much time goes by, your sex buddy should know what they are to you. If they start inviting you to parties, dates, birthdays, or even just trying to get you to meet their friends, you need to escape. Meeting their friends is a huge no, and if your sex buddy is trying to get you to meet them, it’s because they want their opinion on you. Or they want to make it look like they’re in a relationship. If you never meet their friends, you really have nothing to worry about. Having a casual relationship can get complicated really quickly, but you don’t need to feel bad about it. As long as you made your intentions clear from the beginning, your sex buddy can’t blame you for anything. If you agree to meet their friends even though you have no intentions of dating them, you are leading them on.

Friends With Benefits Don’t Cuddle

Friends with benefits should never cuddle, and this is because cuddling can induce unwanted feelings. After having sex with your friend with benefits, you should always make it a point to get away from them, if you stick around, hold them, and cuddle them, they will think that you’re into them. When you cuddle with someone after sex, it gives off relationship vibes, so if getting into a relationship is the last thing you want, you need to stop acting like you’re in one. Having a friend with benefits can be a really awesome experience, and as long as you’re both on the same age, nothing bad should come of it.