Crazy Ways to Avoid Trouble with Your New Girl

Avoid trouble with your girlfriend

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Have you noticed how men go to so much trouble just to make sure that their new girlfriend stays satisfied and happy in their blossoming relationship? You’ll be surprised how other men out there go all out in avoiding trouble with their new girlfriend.

Being in a new relationship can be very challenging. The first three months can determine whether a couple can stay together for a long time or not. This is why many men who are so in love with their new girlfriend are willing to do even the craziest things just to keep their woman interested. Here are some of them:

Be her slave

One way to ensure you avoid trouble with your girl is to act as her slave even for just a few days or weeks. This means going with her when she goes shopping and carrying all her bags. You should also insist in paying for your dates as well as picking her up at home or at work.

Buy her stuffs

Whether it’s a new book or a set of jewelry, buying stuffs for your new girlfriend can ensure you won’t get into any trouble with her. She’ll be very happy especially if you buy her things which she really loves.


Change for her

Did your new girlfriend mention you need to have your haircut? Well go immediately to the nearest salon and have your hair fixed. You may also follow he other suggestions just to make her happy.

These are indeed crazy ideas men do to avoid trouble with their new girlfriend. These may work but don’t overdo it. She still needs to discover the real you.

Motivation for Staying in Shape Leads to Success

Everyone in this world aims to be successful. But in order to be successful you need to build yourself a path. This path should be a plan, a guideline, to help you get to your goal (success), helping you out at every step and problem that comes your way. Not all people define success in the same way, but we all are aware that in order to become successful you need to follow a plan.


Let’s say that you know a person who has a daily routine for exercising. His entire exercise cycle may take two hours or even more but no matter how long his exercise routine is, he will never miss out even a single day. What is that one thing that is driving him to do so? You ask him why he does it and he responds by saying he enjoys doing it and looks forward to it every single day. At first, it may sound a little awkward to you and you start to think that maybe he has something for self-motivation or self-discipline, after sometime it starts making sense to you. His explanation sounds somewhat logical to you. This individual has the level of motivation that is not prevailing in most us.


Motivation is the driving force for any person in this world. Motivation is the reason you will undertake any task in your lifetime and make sure that it is done so you can enjoy success. It can also be defined as the force which pushes you to achieve your goal. The root of motivation is totally psychological rather than any other dimension. Staying in shape requires you to be motivated so you can follow that routine every day and the practical world is no different either.


Establish what your main goal is but make sure you follow a specific guideline. This plan of yours should have many little goals which you will achieve on the way to fulfill your full and final goal, getting you nothing but success. The main thing that one needs to ensure is that he/she never stops doing something in the middle of it. Being a quitter is not something that anyone would want to become. Once you start quitting, it will definitely become a habit. Having the support of people around you will help you stay motivated and, hence, successful. Talk to people around you that have the same interest as you so you can adopt some of their positive ideas and attitudes. Creating motivation leads to determination, and it is determination that helps you get where you want to go.


Exercising and working out according to a certain routine is no different from all this. Such daily activity also requires a plan which you must follow, and it can only be followed if you are motivated. Staying away from junk foods, doing specific exercises, and moving away from your diet and exercise plan all requires motivation. Relate this to the real-world and you will see how the planning and motivation involved in staying in shape is no different from what is required of you from in this world.