Crazy Ways to Avoid Trouble with Your New Girl

Avoid trouble with your girlfriend

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Have you noticed how men go to so much trouble just to make sure that their new girlfriend stays satisfied and happy in their blossoming relationship? You’ll be surprised how other men out there go all out in avoiding trouble with their new girlfriend.

Being in a new relationship can be very challenging. The first three months can determine whether a couple can stay together for a long time or not. This is why many men who are so in love with their new girlfriend are willing to do even the craziest things just to keep their woman interested. Here are some of them:

Be her slave

One way to ensure you avoid trouble with your girl is to act as her slave even for just a few days or weeks. This means going with her when she goes shopping and carrying all her bags. You should also insist in paying for your dates as well as picking her up at home or at work.

Buy her stuffs

Whether it’s a new book or a set of jewelry, buying stuffs for your new girlfriend can ensure you won’t get into any trouble with her. She’ll be very happy especially if you buy her things which she really loves.


Change for her

Did your new girlfriend mention you need to have your haircut? Well go immediately to the nearest salon and have your hair fixed. You may also follow he other suggestions just to make her happy.

These are indeed crazy ideas men do to avoid trouble with their new girlfriend. These may work but don’t overdo it. She still needs to discover the real you.

How to Treat a New Girlfriend ?

Treat Your New Girlfriend Right

How to treat your new girlfriend?Best Affair Dating Sites 2012

Do you ever wonder how new couples survive the first few months of togetherness? It may be a big puzzlement to some but frankly, it’s not that difficult to make a new relationship last for a long time. All it takes is for you to treat your girlfriend right.

Many new couples find it hard to adjust to each other especially after only a few days or weeks of going steady.  Most women will call the relationship off when they feel they don’t want to be with you anymore because of some mistakes you’ve made. The secret here lies in avoiding trouble with your new girl to ensure she’ll stick around with you.

The new Women you met on want to be treated like a queen. They love it when men shower them with presents, attention, and love. Aside from this you should also know how to treat them right.

Try asking yourself how your woman wants to be treated. Does she love it if you’re always picking her up at work and taking her home? Does she enjoy watching romantic flicks with you? Knowing what pleases her will help you treat her the right way.

Your new girlfriend expects a lot from you. For sure, she’ll expect you to treat her differently compared to other men who came into her life. Make sure that you show her your love and faithfulness. Impress her with your unique display of affection. Not only will you be able to feel her feel special but you’ll also prove to her that she made the right choice of having you for a boyfriend.


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